Interest Abatement Request

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How do I request an interest abatement?

Interest Abatement Request

You are allowed to request an interest abatement whenever you have had interest applied to your account as a result of:

  • IRS error of a managerial or ministerial task (loss of paperwork, i.e.)
  • IRS delay of a managerial or ministerial task (delay in processing, i.e.)
You could not have caused any significant impact upon the error or delay. Also, you need to have received a Notice of Deficiency containing the interest amount in order to request the interest abatement.

Form. To request the interest abatement, you will need to fill out IRS Form 843. Across the top of the form, you will write “Request for Abatement of Interest Under Section 6404(e)”.

On Line 5 you will put:

  • Circumstances of your case
  • Period to which the interest applies
  • Type of tax involved
  • Time you first notified by the IRS of the deficiency or interest due
Reason why not having the interest abated would be grossly unfair to you



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