Unfiled Tax Returns Information

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What is the IRS statute of limitations?

Unfiled Tax Returns Information

DebtHelp.com Tip: The IRS' statute of limitations timeframe regarding starting an audit depend on a couple of factors. Both involve whether you file a tax return or not. First, did you file a return? Secondly, did you not file a return?

If you did file a return, the IRS has three years from the original date of your tax return filing to start an audit. That means that within that time period, you should have been notified of any pending IRS examinations along with any explanation for the needed examination (audit).

If you did not file a return, however, there is no statute of limitations timeframe for the IRS to start or complete an audit on you. There also is no timeframe limit for assessing and collecting any taxes due from you. In other words, if you do not file a tax return, the IRS can come after you 10 years after the date you were supposed to have filed a tax return.



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