Stop IRS Wage Garnishment

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How do I stop wage garnishment?

Stop IRS Wage Garnishment Tip: How do you stop an IRS wage garnishment? As in an IRS attachment situation, you have just a couple of options.

First, keep in contact with the IRS. It has been mentioned in this tips book many times, but this is important. The IRS simply wants to know what is going on with you and truly wants to work with you. Do not ignore them.

Second, arrange repayment of unpaid taxes. Enter in a tax resolution method that is most appropriate for you. Installment agreements, penalty abatements, offer in compromise – all are there to help you repay your tax debt.

Third, keep current with your payment arrangements. If you fall behind in any of them, the IRS may cancel the agreement and move forward in its collection efforts.

Fourth, do not take it out on your employer. They are simply following instructions. It is your fault you are in this situation, not theirs.

Fifth, live on less. Learn to live on less as your wages are taken away from you to pay your back taxes.

Sixth, you can request a release from your wage garnishment.

The best way to stop an IRS wage garnishment, is to communicate willingly with the IRS. Too many taxpayers believe that by ignoring the IRS, they will go away. That is not true. The IRS can be the most persistent and annoying creditor you will ever have. They have a knack of popping up years later, when you thought it was safe.



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