Federal Tax Lien Search

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How do I perform a tax lien search?

Federal Tax Lien Search

Individuals can perform a tax lien search by going to their county courthouse. The tax lien will be filed in the county where the property, business, or person are located. Tax liens are considered a public record, therefore, anyone interested can obtain the information. That is one of the purposes of a tax lien, actually. By letting “the world” know about a tax lien being filed against you, the taxing authority is hoping it will deter you from your unpaid tax bill.

Once inside the courthouse, you can perform your tax lien search by individual (for unpaid income taxes), business (for business related taxes) or property (if unpaid property taxes are the issue).

Records are usually maintained in a computerized database. Computers are located in the ‘Public Records' area. Some courthouses have time limits you need to follow, others do not. Check beforehand. Also check to see if there is a charge for usage or printing.

Many governmental entities offer online tax lien search. By utilizing the online search capabilities of your applicable governmental website, you can save time, money , and frustration.

There also are individuals and firms available to perform a tax lien search for you. Of course, they charge. You need to think if the extra expense is worth it to you. And, perform a background check. Some of these individuals and companies can be unscrupulous.



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