Federal Tax Lien Information

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Where can I get federal tax lien information?

Federal Tax Lien Information

To gain a better understanding about the entire area of federal tax liens, here are some suggestions for improving your knowledge base on the subject area.

IRS. The IRS Publication 594 (Understanding the Collection Process) is a useful tool to keep as a reference item. There is a wealth of information in this Publication to keep you abreast about liens, levies, bill collections, collection hearings, and other areas involved.

Order one online, by phone, or by mail.

The IRS also has a separate unit set up to deal with tax lien inquiries. The unit is known as the Centralized Lien Unit. You can reach them at 1-800-913-6050 for any general questions you have.

You also can visit the IRS website for information about liens. Here, you can download Publication 594. You also can visit a classroom discussing the topic.

Stop by your local IRS office and discuss the topic with an IRS agent. Call to see if you need an appointment.

Library. Your local library is sure to have books written by tax professionals describing liens in details. Many books are written in easy to understand terms, also.

College professors. If you live near a college, go visit a professor dealing with business, accounting, or taxes. They will provide insight you may not be aware of. They also may refer you to someone else there that can help you.

Online. Get online and research federal tax liens to learn more about them.

Tax professionals. Ask any tax professional, especially a tax lien specialist, about federal tax liens. CPAs, IRS Enrolled Agents, Tax attorneys,

Real estate professionals. Federal tax liens affecting real estate are the most common form of tax lien. Real estate professionals can provide you with insight and understand of this topic. Real estate professionals may include agents, brokers, attorneys, and accountants.

Chamber of Commerce. Many times your local Chamber of Commerce is knowledgeable about who does what. They may be able to refer you to someone.

Regardless of how you decide to gain federal tax lien information, be certain to check credentials of those you are seeking advice from.



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