Requesting an IRS Payment Plan

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How do I request an IRS Payment plan?

Requesting an IRS Payment Plan

When you realize that you are unable to pay your unpaid tax bill in full, you have contact the IRS and request becoming involved in their installment payment program. You can do this by calling them or mailing them.

Phone. You can call the IRS at 800-829-1040 to request an installment agreement. The IRS agent will help you, but needs to know the following:

  • your social security number (or taxpayer identification number),
  • what tax year you are calling about
  • what tax form you used to report your taxes (from the 1040 series)
  • what monthly amount you can afford
  • how you want to make your payment (check, direct debit, etc.)
The IRS agent will update your file with the information discussed. Then, you will be told when your first payment is due.

You then will receive the installment agreement you entered into in the mail, along with a payment voucher. Fill it out completely and send it back to the IRS.

Once your installment agreement is set up in the IRS system, you can change your method of payment through the IRS website or by phone.

Online. You can go online to the IRS website and request an Installment Arrangement.

Mail. You also have the option of preparing and submitting IRS Form 9465 (Installment Agreement Request) by mail. If you choose the mail method, you also need to send the IRS your most recent 1040 series tax form (the one that your unpaid taxes come from). You will need to enclose a check for the amount you can afford on your back taxes.

Once the IRS receives your Form 9465, they will review it and make a determination. When they make a determination as to whether or not to accept your request, you will receive an IRS Notice stating this determination.

When you request an installment agreement, you need to know that there is a $43 fee for this service. This amount will be deducted from your first payment. Remember that even though you may enter into an installment arrangement with the IRS, you will be assessed interest on your unpaid tax liability.



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