Are You Eligible?

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Am I eligible for innocent spouse relief?

Are You Eligible?

  • Did I file a joint return for the year in question?

When you filed your joint return, did you think everything was properly included on it?

If you knew about something not being included (any erroneous item), did you not sign the return because you were in a domestically abusive household?

Has the IRS audited your joint return and assessed additional penalties, taxes, or interest?

Was this the result of unreported income, understatement of tax, or incorrect deductions/credits?

Has the IRS attempted to take your tax refund from you?

Has the IRS attempted to levy your bank account?

Has the IRS attempted to garnish your wages?

Has it been less than two years since the IRS first attempted to collect the tax balance due from you?

If you can answer “yes” to all of the above questions, you probably qualify for innocent spouse relief.



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